Homemade Jams £3.50 each or 3 for £10 plus £1 to be gift wrapped

Copper Mango_MG_0913   Melon and vanilla, a jar of summer

Copper Mango_MG_0916-Edit   Plum and mulled wine, a great winter jam fruity with warm winter spices

Copper Mango_MG_0919-Edit   Pear and chocolate jam, great spread on broiche or croissant or as a filling for a tart

Copper Mango_MG_0924-Edit-Edit Strawberry jam, my personal favourite spread on hot toast or scones

Copper Mango_MG_0921-Edit  Strawberry and vanilla, tasty spread on scones with clotted cream

Copper Mango_MG_0925-Edit   Strawberry & rhubarb jam, strawberries from Craigie’s Farm and rhubarb from my garden

Copper Mango_MG_0929-Edit   Raspberry jam, vibrant colour with a divine perfume

Copper Mango_MG_0932-Edit  Greengage and orange jam, great spread on crumpets

Copper Mango_MG_1014 Gift wrapped